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MA5TURBA55ER2133: ok, so today at school my boxers felt kinda weird and i just thought oh well whatever theyre just bunched up or something but then i get to gym and theyre on backwards
lilex07: hahahah
MA5TURBA55ER2133: now thats dumb
MA5TURBA55ER2133: well then how do you explain this...
MA5TURBA55ER2133: toodle noodle foodle scoodle hoodle poodle loodle
MA5TURBA55ER2133: hahaha
MA5TURBA55ER2133: i just said keaster


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i like the threatening messages left on my voicemail.

message one:
"if you dont bring the cord.. your butt will be so big it will be able to fit THREE PINEAPPLES."

message 2:
enjoy the bus ride, it's fun. woo hoo (?)

message 3:

message 4:
where are you, why are you not there?!

all from my love.. CHRIS BACCHI. ;)


Cycoinfo: hey wanna hear a chinese joke
QueenOfPain131: only if its not their cars
Cycoinfo: its not...
Cycoinfo: their automobiles!!!
QueenOfPain131: oh ha ha GOOD ONE
QueenOfPain131: ass face
Cycoinfo: ya but that was bacchi

I love being Chinese because of Chris Bacchi
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